Jackson School of Performing Arts

Disney Remastered

This year's annual recital will feature music from a variety of Disney classics. Join us on the magical adventures of carpet rides, warrior battles, castle waltzes and dancing on London's rooftops, while heroes and villains come alive.

I Love

This years summer recital focus's on the things that are most dear to us. Watch as the magic of dance unfolds showcasing our passions.

2017 Recital

With the excitement of the America's Cup this year, celebrating our oceans and activities surrounding them became an obvious choice for our show. Thus Salt LIfe. Through dance, we will explore coral reefs and kelp forests, battle pirates and mermaids and swim with dolphins and sharks. You will see pieces that express concern for the protection of our planet's most valuable resource, and pieces that reminisce on opulent maritime history. This show will inspire a new love for our ocean for generations to come.