Frequently asked questions regarding downloads.

How do I download my copy of the show.

Find the Program you have bought the password for and click on it.

You will get a popup windows asking for your password.

Please enter the password and view the video.

In the lower left corner you will see a download button to download a copy.

Once the video plays pause it and click on the Download now button to download a copy.  Do not try to watch it streaming the video as this takes up too much bandwidth.

PLEASE NOTE:  You only have 3 viewing of the video online before your ticket will expire.  Please be sure to download a copy to your computer.


How do I PLAY my copy of the show.

Most windows machine will play .flv files. We use this format as it compresses the video with the best quality.   We suggest customers use an app that supports .flv files.

Try one of these: