What are your services rates?

For larger productions we make our money from sales not services and so charges our customers for licensed copies of the production itself. For smaller productions where less than 50 copies will be sold we have an up front service charge of $100 plus a $75 per hour recording and editing rate.

Do you video tape small events like weddings?

We specialize in audience productions and do not do small video tape productions.

Do you sell your copies abroad as well as locally?

We sell physical copies only within Bermuda but all our productions have an online version available where friends and family abroad can purchase a license key to watch and download at their convenience.

Do your copies work in the UK and other regions?

Our DVD’s and NTSC and do not work in PAL regions. Our USB and Online copies will work anywhere in the world.

Need more help on how to download and play the videos….  CLICK HERE